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Laravel 6.0 LTS came with a lot of changes to the framework, apart from moving the the new Semantic Versioning, Laravels famous php artisan make:auth command was dropped.

php artisan make:auth

Before the Laravel make:auth command would create all the Migrations, Models, Controllers and Routes needed to easily setup an authenticatable application in seconds.

However, with the release of Laravel 6.0, authentication support is now added with a Laravel UI package.

To setup your application with authentication as you did with Laravel 5.* the new package needs to be installed first.

composer require laravel/ui
php artisan ui vue --auth 

Running these commands will install the UI package and setup your authentication scaffold as it did before.

To utilise vue, you will need to run the application in dev mode. However, first you will need to install all the node modules:

npm install && npm run dev

I hope this helps those who got the same surprise as me when installing Larave 6.0 and running the Laravel make:auth command.

Any questions, please leave your comments below. I try to answer everyones comments.

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