#2 – My Birthday Week

by Dillon -

This week I celebrated my birthday with those who are dearest to me. It was a great week all in all, with some exciting opportunities on the horizon.

I finally released an update to my blog, which now features a personal blog and a feed for these newsletters along with embedded signup forms.

I had some very interesting conversations with some developers, discussing micro-service architecture and the benefits of frameworks, which I plan to share on my personal blog in the coming weeks.

This week the blog reached a total of 600 unique users, which is small in comparison to many other websites in the same niche, but I see this as an achievement.

At the start of this year, the blog was reaching around 250 developers per month, this has now been increased to over 2,200 per month. The goal is for the blog to be getting 10,000 monthly users by March 2023.

I hope to write 2 new articles this week:

  • The difference between the Options API and Composition API in Vue3
  • How to setup Vue 3 in Laravel 9 using Vite

I want to start shifting the focus of the site towards Laravel and the ecosystem around it, as well as focus my attention Vue and Angular, as I have a fair amount of experience with these, not only through personal projects.

Interesting Statistics

Currently reading

An Ugly Truth: Inside Facebook’s Battle for Domination

I received this book as a gift for my birthday. As I stumble upon something I find interesting I will share it on the Newsletter and Twitter.


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