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Gain an understanding from a trusted source

We try to understnad the industry trends, latest technologies and most popular frameworks, libraries and methodologies so you know what to expect when either getting your first job in the industry or looking for a new role.

We aim to point you in the right direction, so you can have peice of mind your valuable time isn't being wasted on technologies employers aren't looking for.

Framework, Library and Methodology reviews

The last thing you want is to begin learning a new skill, techology or methodology only to learn months down the line that its a rabbit hole you want out of.

We tkae initial steps to understand every aspect of the Web Development world, so we can give you trusted guides, tips and adivce when learning new things.

Where to go next

Sometimes it can feel like your skill set is outdated and learning new languages, frameworks and libraries fast enough isn't a possibility. Life simply gets in the way.

We try to take this stress away by making justified prediections for where the industry is going within the next 5 years so you have ample time to prepare your skill sets for the future job markets.