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Why you shouldn’t use a JavaScript Framework

15th August 2019

We’ve all been there. A new project has come in, and its time to plan how we are going to build it. Whether the project is client work, or R&D, most developer jump straight in with suggestions for their favourite framework. Sometimes the company will tell the development team which framework they’re going to use […]

Posted by Dillon

Angular Material Dialog

11th May 2018

Angular is an awesome framework, yet it does have a steep learning curve for many developers. This post is aimed at those with experience using Angular 2/4/5 who want to use the Angular Material Dialog. This post will assume you have already installed the @angular/material library. If you have I would refer you to take […]

Posted by Dillon

Angular 2/4/5 – Calling a parent component function from child component (EventEmitter)

14th January 2018

To be able to call a parents component form the child component, you need to use Angular EventEmitter.  Emitting events allows your components to communicate with one another when a certain action has been executed. This is similar to the @Input() decorator, but here we use the @Output() decorator. Below is an example of how […]

Posted by Dillon