About Me

I'm Dillon, a Full-Stack Developer, Father to twin girls and Cat Servant.

I’m a Full-Stack developer in the UK, building websites and applications for around 12 years, landing my first full-time job as a developer in 2015. 

I first began my journey of learning to code when I was in school. In 2011 I went to college studying Public Services, wanting to pressure a career in the Police. During this time I continued learning how to code and worked on some personal projects. 

In 2015, I landed my first Job as a Web Developer. Since then I have continued to learn new technologies and the different ways to approach small and large projects. I’ve worked as a solo developer and in large development teams. 

In 2020, during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, my fiancé and I welcomed our Twin Girls into the world. 

What I work on

  • Here I write about Web Development, with quick tips and tutorials. Some posts I’ll look back on in years to come when I inevitably forget how to do something.
  • I write on my personal blog about my experiences, not only as a Full Stack Developer. 
  • I tweet every now and then – follow me to keep updated

Contact Me

  • Twitter would be the best way to get in touch with me. I typically check Twitter around 3 times a day. If your message is short, tweet me @dillon_smart
  • Email me if your message is too long for Twitter. iknowthatnowcom@gmail.com.