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In the near future, all cars will be electic. This is a reality we all have to deal with. Governments all around the world are commiting to become carbon neutral in the near future, such as the U.K who have commited to a carbon neutral target of 2050. Companies such as Tesla, who has recently surpassed Volkswagen to become the second most valuable car company in the world, are leading the industry towards all electric vehicles, and showing consumers that EVs (electric vehicles) aren’t as much of a hinderance as they used to be. They can now be fashion items, a gadget utilising the latest invovations in Artificial intelligence, and most importantly a practical vehicle. However, why isn’t anyone looking at the Maglev Trains for inspiration? Could we move into the next century driving Maglev cars?

What is Maglev?

Maglev or magnetic levitation is a train transportation system which uses two sets of magnets, one set to repel and push the train off the track, and another set to move the train forwards. This system makes use of little friction between the train and the track allowing the Maglev train to reach speeds of up to 270mph, and a favorable competetor to alternative high speed travel such as high speed railway and airplanes.

Other than the benefit of speed, Maglev technology is also regarded as one of the safest modes of high speed transit.

Maglev cars?

The idea of building a network of magnetic guide rails for cars isn’t a new one. The idea would re-shape our citites, highways and country side. So why aren’t we doing it?

Maglev technology isn’t cheap. In a world already covered in roads, and vehicles suited to these roads, the financial gains are hard to see as well as the industry changes being huge.

However, there are a number of clear benefits from utilising the technology.

  • Faster travel times
  • Lower congestion
  • Lower emmissions
  • A safe way to travel
  • An easy way to charge vehicles which are on the rail

In a world where EVs are growing in populatiry and the idea of being taken to your destination by an AI is now a reality, Maglev cars don’t sound like such a far fetched idea.

An example of the benefit of implementing maglev cars and guide lines is with the emergency services. Cities are congested, making it difficult for emergency vehicles to reach their destination to provide their life saving treatment or service to the public. Imagine a world where paramedics, police and fire fighters could be transported at greater speeds to a depot located closest to the require destination, then taking traditional transport to complete the “final mile” of their journey. Patients could be accomponied by paramedic along the same system to the nearest hospital, preventing traditional amublances being obsructed by stand still traffic.

Having a network of Maglev guidelines webbing through a city could greatly increase response times, reduce crime, and simply save more lives.

Magway, what is it?

Magway is a revolutionary Maglev transportation system which utilises existing pipes beneith the ground to transport ordinary sized packages between distributions centers. The transportation system could help reduce the need for many HGVs on the roads today, helping to reduce congestion, lowering emmissions and speed up the deleivery time for packages.

The system could have savings of up to 70% compared to the road networks, prove to be a secure method of delivery and open the doors to alternative “final mile” transportation options such as drones, electric vehicles and click & collect.

In summary, the technology needs to mature, however the benefits of have an alternative mode of transport could move our society towards a more efficent, safe and cleaner future.


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