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Whether your build a simple static website or a large ERP platform using many libraries or frameworks, we all love those simple web development tools that make life a little easier. Below I have gathered a few tools I use when developing, hopefully you can find them useful too:


This site is super useful when building websites to be supported on multiple browsers. Here you can load your site on real computers using the real browser. Its really simple to use, simply type in the domain name, and begin cross-browser testing.

JSON Formatter

We’ve all been there, your unable to parse your JSON because of unexpected characters. This site is simple, it checks your JSON, and tells you where things aren’t quit right.

Keycdn – Speed Test

I use this site along side Googles Page Insights, however I like Keycdn because you can run speed tests for your site from multiple locations around the world. Keycdn provide a waterfall breakdown of all requests made when loading the site, as well as page previews.


Probably one of my favourites of them all, Mailtrap is a fake SMTP server to test, view and share emails sent from your development/testing environments.


Trello helps keep track of tasks/tickets and enhances your work flow if your working within a team by allowing collaboration. I use Trello for its simple UI and ease of use when jotting notes and tasks for projects.

All these web development tools above are used by myself, and they are my recommendations. So, hopefully you can find them useful as well.


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