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Real Thinkr

Head to the Realthinkr facebook page for updates on our latest posts and tutorials. Dont forget to give us a like too!!! :) https://www.facebook.com/pages/Real-Thinkr/281587158665931

We offer more than you think!

Hi guys, im writing to you today from my phone, so excuse any spelling mistakes :). Anyhow, i would like to urge you to head to Real Thinkr to ask us any questions you have. Whether its avout blogging, code , technology , science or anything else, we can help. There are thousands of sites […]

How RT Can Change Your Blogging Life…

So, for those who have been following me on twitter for the last 3 years, i love to build websites/ blogs. Not to long ago, my Girlfriend suggested a great domain name http://www.realthinkr.com  , i loved it and bought it. I wouldn’t usually start with a domain name, most of the time i have an idea, […]

Generate Income From You Blog

Its in every blogger interest to make money from their blog. This sound great but wroting articles for and about companies for a little dosh isnt going to get you far. Most people do try to avoid PPC services, but maybe they aren’t too bad. Not only is it a source of income if you […]


Real Thinkr is a new site which allows users to control the content published. This is due to the reason that articles are only written about questions asked by the public. However RT is more than just a blog, coded from scratch by Myself, it allows more freedom. Soon to be releasing Code School, a section […]


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