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Category: Web Development

Laravel – Specified key was too long Error

24th January 2018

With Laravel 5.4, some users may be hit with the Laravel Specified key was too long Error when migrating the database. This is because in the latest Laravel update, the developers made changes to the default database charset, making it utf8mb4. If your using MySQL 5.7.7 or higher, you won’t encounter this issue, however older versions of MySQL […]

Posted by Dillon

Create a custom WordPress taxonomy for posts and pages

18th January 2018

Sometimes when building website using WordPress, the standard taxonomies Categories and Tags just aren’t enough, and you need to create more. WordPress has made creating your own taxonomy easy, and you can even add your custom taxonomies to pages too. To accomplish this we use the custom WordPress taxonomy function register_taxonomy(). Creating a custom WordPress […]

Posted by Dillon

Angular 2/4/5 – Calling a parent component function from child component (EventEmitter)

14th January 2018

To be able to call a parents component form the child component, you need to use Angular EventEmitter.  Emitting events allows your components to communicate with one another when a certain action has been executed. This is similar to the @Input() decorator, but here we use the @Output() decorator. Below is an example of how […]

Posted by Dillon

Setting up SSH with BitBucket

11th January 2018

Setting up your project using a remote repository over SSH can become a painful task for new and even the most seasoned developers. In this article we cover how to set up BitBucket SSH. Repositories not found, incorrect permissions and issues when using your SSH key can all occur, and become very stressful. Below are […]

Posted by Dillon