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Melonpix – Share your photos

So, if you onre who loves taking photos, then Melonpix is the place for you. It’s a social network, where users can start sharing images within 30 seconds of joining the site. Publish photos as yourself or hide your identity. Meet other users and start connecting today! So sign up today at

Programming – Why I Do It

Question Asked By Kyle Stern So, when i first read this question around 3 days ago, i had to think a little. I found it hard to put my finger on the exact reason why i love to program, however there are a few reasons and i will share them with you today. I love […]

Getting Your Company Online #1 – Get A Website

Getting A Website The first major step to getting your company online is grabing yourself a website. There are many ways of approaching this, you could higher yourself a web designer who will take care of pretty much everything, or you could do it yourself. Why Should I Get A Website? A website is a […]

We Are Live!

You’ve heard it, the site is live. Its the place to go for FREE blog advertising and guidance. The blog will be used as a protion tool for those who submit their blogs. Not only that, if you know of any services within your local area who could do with a little promotion then […]

Html Codes | How to make something float | Simple Table

Hello, and welcome to iknowthatnow Html tutorials. If you haven’t already do checkout our previous posts about html. How To Make Something Float, So It Doesn’t Scroll, Using HTML Here you will need the <div> Element. Copy the code before, and place what ever you want to float in the middle. Also change the amount […]


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