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Sony Xperia Z1, Z1 compact, Z2, Z3 frozen screen and can’t turn off.

Has your Xperia Z1 Z1 compact Z2 or Z3 frozen, and the power button doing nothing? Simply hold down the power button, and the volume up button at the same time until phone vibrates 3 times. Then turn it back on. Why do you have to do this? It because the phones are water proof, […]

Get your tech, science or code questions answered

I have been blogging on IKnowThatNow for over a year now, and since day one, the main goal of the site is to provide you with answers. So if you have a question your itching to get answered, ask us today!

The Apple Ipod Range Is Dying

2001 was an iconic year for Apple with the release of their ground breaking device that allowed users to store masses of music data. With the release of the click wheel, Itunes and as Steve Jobs said in 2007 “The Best Ipod We Have Ever Made” the Ipod Touch. However, sales of the Ipod have […]

Joing the gaming scene

Howdy people, so a few weeks ago, an old friend of mine approached me asking if i wanted to join forces and start working buulding the next new gaming site. I found it a little odd considering i build sites aroubd online advertising, but it turned out they had look at a few of the […]

The Problem With The World Wide Web

The World Wide Web, invented by Sir. Tim Berners – Lee. A creation that can only be described as one of the single most important inventions of the modern era. However, since its public release in 1992, the web has now became very, cluttered? There are around 1 billion active websites, updated within 1 the […]


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