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I have been blogging on IKnowThatNow for over a year now, and since day one, the main goal of the site is to provide you with answers. So if you have a question your itching to get answered, ask us today!

How Did Life Arise, And How The Human Race Evolved

How Did Life Arise, And How The Human Race Evolved.

Future Human Evolution

When we think of human evolution we either think on chimps dangling from trees or cave men dancing around fire, however much this is exactly what evolution is, scientists don’t think any dramatic changes are coming to the human race for thousands upon millions of years. But to understand what can be install for out […]

America’s Secret Book – Nazi Weaponry

Some say, somewhere in the U.S.A is a secret book. Inside this book could be the answers to some of the biggest questions. Although there is no solid evidence of such a book, what could it contain? The truth about UFO’s, Gods and the answers to conspiracies. One of the biggest is the Nazi Americans. […]

Have We Been Visited By Aliens?

So, this question is massive. There are no straight answers, governments will say no, yet thousands upon millions of ordinary people say otherwise. As there is no conclusive proof of such claims made by people, we can only assume or believe. However, maybe we have been visited but still don’t yet know it. Have we […]


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