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Realthinkr | 5 Ways To Gain More Traffic To Your HTML Site

Realthinkr | 5 Ways To Gain More Traffic To Your HTML Site.

Get your tech, science or code questions answered

I have been blogging on IKnowThatNow for over a year now, and since day one, the main goal of the site is to provide you with answers. So if you have a question your itching to get answered, ask us today!

How RT Can Change Your Blogging Life…

So, for those who have been following me on twitter for the last 3 years, i love to build websites/ blogs. Not to long ago, my Girlfriend suggested a great domain name  , i loved it and bought it. I wouldn’t usually start with a domain name, most of the time i have an idea, […]

Programming – Why I Do It

Question Asked By Kyle Stern So, when i first read this question around 3 days ago, i had to think a little. I found it hard to put my finger on the exact reason why i love to program, however there are a few reasons and i will share them with you today. I love […]

How I Have Spent My Time

So, i want to apologize for not answering all comments and submitted questions over the last month. I have been working on liv’n and trying to get things off the ground. Liv’n is still and always will be in working progress, as the internet never stops. The main idea behind things was to gather all […]


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