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WordPress wp-admin redirects to HTTPS

7th September 2018

Does your WordPress wp-admin redirect to https rather than http? Below is a simple tutorial to stop this from happening. First, check the siteurl in the wp_options table within your database. Make sure the option_value is your site address with http:// not https://. If your siteurl is set as http:// the try the following. Open […]

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5 Useful web development tools

22nd March 2018

Whether your build a simple static website or a large ERP platform using many libraries or frameworks, we all love those simple¬†web development tools that make life a little easier. Below I have gathered a few tools I use when developing, hopefully you can find them useful too: Browserling This site is super useful when […]

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Welcome to IKTN

28th December 2017

Welcome all to the newly re-vamped iknowthatnow.com¬†IKTN. It has been 6 years since we first started IKTN, and 3 years since the last article posted. So, to celebrate the new year (which is only 3 days away) we have decided to get the ball rolling. In the last 6 years, I have been working on […]

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