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Join the RT crowd today!!!

Hi guys, just a quick notice about Realthinkr . We have been working on new ways to make things easier for you to ask questions, and start coversations. We’re getting some good feedback from our users and we’re very greatful. So head on over to Realthinkr to join coversations, and start your own!!!

Realthinkr | Do We Need The Web?

Realthinkr | Do We Need The Web?.

Tumblr – dillonsmart00

Hi guys, just letting you know i will be using my tumblr account more often so dont forget to follow over there. I dont really know how the tumblr scene works but i tend to post all instagram images and wordpress posts!

This Will Make You Itch Your Head!

The Human Race, the most intelligent race to have ever walked the planet ( to our knowledge ) . We have built the world around us, made society, given our selves a meaning. But what is, just what if we are all thats needed for an advanced being to survive? You can get the full […]

Get your tech, science or code questions answered

I have been blogging on IKnowThatNow for over a year now, and since day one, the main goal of the site is to provide you with answers. So if you have a question your itching to get answered, ask us today!


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