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Realthinkr | Do We Need The Web?

Realthinkr | Do We Need The Web?.

Tumblr – dillonsmart00

Hi guys, just letting you know i will be using my tumblr account more often so dont forget to follow over there. I dont really know how the tumblr scene works but i tend to post all instagram images and wordpress posts!

This Will Make You Itch Your Head!

The Human Race, the most intelligent race to have ever walked the planet ( to our knowledge ) . We have built the world around us, made society, given our selves a meaning. But what is, just what if we are all thats needed for an advanced being to survive? You can get the full […]

Get your tech, science or code questions answered

I have been blogging on IKnowThatNow for over a year now, and since day one, the main goal of the site is to provide you with answers. So if you have a question your itching to get answered, ask us today!

We offer more than you think!

Hi guys, im writing to you today from my phone, so excuse any spelling mistakes :). Anyhow, i would like to urge you to head to Real Thinkr to ask us any questions you have. Whether its avout blogging, code , technology , science or anything else, we can help. There are thousands of sites […]


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