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Join in the fun!

Hey guys. Im inviting you to join in the fun at melonpix! Here you can share your funny, random, weird, animal, cute, gaming and techy images totally anonymously. By posting an image you start your conversation, in which users also post comments anonymously. So join in today!!! Head to so see what its all about!

Joing the gaming scene

Howdy people, so a few weeks ago, an old friend of mine approached me asking if i wanted to join forces and start working buulding the next new gaming site. I found it a little odd considering i build sites aroubd online advertising, but it turned out they had look at a few of the […]

Top 5 Android Games

So, i’m an android user, and i’m happy to say i really enjoy my phone and all its capabilities. However, it annoys me when people moan about spending 99p or ‘cents on a really fun and addictive game. In reality, you can spend anything up to £50 on an Xbox or PS games. I’m a […]

Deer Hunter 2014 (Glu Mobile)

2013 has been a great year for Glu mobile after the release of many great games and plenty of squeals, however with the recent release of Deer Hunter 2014 the up coming year seems to be promising. In the newest addition of Deer hunter you get the added bonus of different regions: Pacific Northwest, North […]

Best Mobile Shooting Games

These are a collection of my favourite Mobile Shooting games. I hope you enjoy them as much as i do! Contract Killer Zombies – Origins : By Glu Mobile  Price = FREE You task is to simply stay alive through loads of missions.           ShadowGun – Deadzone : By Madfinger Games […]


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