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This Weeks Questions #1

  Here Is  A List Of Questions People Have Asked Iknowthatnow This Week: How To Move A Blog On To A Self Hosted WordPress Instillation, Whilst Keeping All Posts And Followers? How Many People Live In Europe? Samsung Galaxy S4 Won’t Charge… Help? What Did Elon Musk Do To Become Rich? How Do I […]

Valuate Your Website / Blog

Hello people! Have you been blogging for a while now? Have you got higher in Google’s ranks? Why not valuate your website? Valuating you site can be an incentive to work harder and push more so your stats keep on raising. In result, producing a higher valuation your your site. I have recently been trying […]

How To Blog More Often

Question Asked By Grace Mayfield  So one of the most common questions about blogging, other than how to get more traffic, is “What do i write about?”. I’m going to start this simply. You can go to anyone who has been blogging for a while and they will all tell you the same thing. “Write […]

Top 5 Android Games

So, i’m an android user, and i’m happy to say i really enjoy my phone and all its capabilities. However, it annoys me when people moan about spending 99p or ‘cents on a really fun and addictive game. In reality, you can spend anything up to £50 on an Xbox or PS games. I’m a […]

All Or Nothing?

Regular viewers of IKTN will notice i write a lot about blogging and how it impacts the media and the world in general. However, this is about blogging but more as how it can impact your life. Blogging isn’t only a great way to relieve your mind of all you thoughts or to share information […]


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