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Get Your Hands On This!

Hi guys, today im going to explaining to you what i have been working on recently and how you can benefit! So i have been working on┬áthe newest addition to my long list of websites. With this one though you can submit links to articles, videos, websites and images that you find interesting. The […]

What Do You Like?

Hi guys, only 2 minuets ago i was going to begin to write an article about science and whether or not we need an answer to everything. However i was stopped in my track because i don’t know if you want this type of content. Recently i have been finding it hard to determine what […]

Why Computer Programming Should Be Taught In Schools

Computer programming, without it you wouldn’t be reading this document, you wouldn’t be able to email your friends, view images on your computer, watch your T.V or have anything with a small chip inside it. Our world as we know it revolves around people hunched over computers writing code for hours on end. Why should […]

Make Money Writing Articles

So i was pondering the question which i over heard whilst standing in line at Tesco’s the other day, and i decided to look into it myself. “How would you go about making a living writing articles for online magazines/ websites”. Have a Good Article (Both in quality & quantity) Know where to sell Know […]

Deer Hunter 2014 (Glu Mobile)

2013 has been a great year for Glu mobile after the release of many great games and plenty of squeals, however with the recent release of Deer Hunter 2014 the up coming year seems to be promising. In the newest addition of Deer hunter you get the added bonus of different regions: Pacific Northwest, North […]


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