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America’s Secret Book – Nazi Weaponry

Some say, somewhere in the U.S.A is a secret book. Inside this book could be the answers to some of the biggest questions. Although there is no solid evidence of such a book, what could it contain? The truth about UFO’s, Gods and the answers to conspiracies. One of the biggest is the Nazi Americans. […]

Have We Been Visited By Aliens?

So, this question is massive. There are no straight answers, governments will say no, yet thousands upon millions of ordinary people say otherwise. As there is no conclusive proof of such claims made by people, we can only assume or believe. However, maybe we have been visited but still don’t yet know it. Have we […]

Getting Your Company Online #2 – Joining Social Media

Welcome back to the three part series about “Getting Your Company Online”. Is this post we will be going over the different tips to making your business more social on the web and how you can enhance it to your advantage. Social Network So, first you will need to know where to actually be online, […]

Getting Your Company Online #1 – Get A Website

Getting A Website The first major step to getting your company online is grabing yourself a website. There are many ways of approaching this, you could higher yourself a web designer who will take care of pretty much everything, or you could do it yourself. Why Should I Get A Website? A website is a […]

Getting Your Company Online

Hello and welcome to this three part series, all dedicated to helping YOU get your business an online presence. The whole point in getting your company online is so you can expand to a bigger audience or give you customers a better insight into what it is you do. After all, over the last 10 […]


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