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Html Codes | How to make something float | Simple Table

Hello, and welcome to iknowthatnow Html tutorials. If you haven’t already do checkout our previous posts about html. How To Make Something Float, So It Doesn’t Scroll, Using HTML Here you will need the <div> Element. Copy the code before, and place what ever you want to float in the middle. Also change the amount […]

How YouTube and Blogging has changed journalism

Newspapers, radio and television. 15 years ago they were pretty much the only way to learn about the news and everything was all “serious”. However since the dawn of the first web publishing tools and the birth of YouTube in 2005, journalism has change, a lot. Today, t.v networks see YouTube as a threat, and […]

How To Add A Read More Button In WordPress?

This Question Was Asked By Paarsurrey This is very simple, i explain this in the picture below. If You Have Any Questions In Need Of Answering The Head To My Ask A Question Page.

Free Blog Advertising!

Hello guys, sorry for the lack of posts recently. However much i want to tell you what i have been working on i don’t want to ruin it. Although i will give you this hint, i have an advertising page… all about online services and blogs! This is where you come into it, because we […]

How To Slow Down Aging

Aging, getting old or decaying, what ever way you want to say it, it’s happening to all of us, all of the time. Since the dawn of humanity death has always confused us. What ever you believe happens after death, you can never be quiet shore. However, scientist are still looking for a way to […]


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