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A New Blogging Platform

I am currently working on building an open source blogging platform. But i can’t do it alone, so i thought i would post this on my blogs across the web to try gain the support of all my followers. Not only that, anyone with a decent background in programming can help me do it. So […]

Ask The World | Are We Real?

ATW ( Ask The World) bring a mind bending question. Are We Real? Before answering you have got to understand the question. No, it doesn’t mean are you man made or organic but rather is everything around us just a hologram or a dream? On please submit to link below Please take some time […]

Create Your Own Blog Today

Subject (Niche) First things first, you need to figure out what your main “niche” is going to be. For example your blog could specialize in cooking, writing, technology or anything else you know most about. I say that because your readers will know whether you understand and enjoy what your writing without you even knowing […]

Promote Your Blogs With

Over at we are now promoting fellow bloggers via our soial networks and the blog its self. Its very simple… simply head over to the site, subscribe to the new awsome newsletter and then post your blog url in the ask a question or contact page. As we like to say, every blogger has […]

What You Waiting For!!!

Still not followed us over at thats where all our latest content is you know. Below is a list of this weeks top articles and posts! How To Get Rid Of Android Game And App Advertisements Samsung Devices Wont Charge? S4| S3 | S2 | Note | Note 2 Is Blogging Outdated? And there are […]


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