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Blogging Statistics

Did you know there are over 152,000,000 blogs on the internet! Most of which have been abandoned. Creating a blog can help boost you companies revenue, and you can even make your own living from Blogging. As i have written about in the past there are many different FREE blogging platforms on the web. So why make a blog? Do […]

Learn To Code HTML – Basics

So you are wanting to learn HTML, in this post i will be going over a few of the basics and explaining how the web works so you get a better understanding of the bigger picture.  How does the web work? Right now you are looking at my blog, but this is no where near […]

Blogging Rookie

Hello again, after such a great response from my last post “How To Get Your Blog Noticed” i have decided to spend a little more time talking about blogging and how to enhance your techniques to push for a more successful blog. So your new to blogging, well here is a short, brief bit of […]

How To Get Your Blog Noticed

Blogging is a great way to express your thoughts and share information in your specialized niche. Some do it for pleasure and other want to hit the jackpot. Well sorry to break it to you but it’s not too easy; taking into account anyone can create a blog and start writing posts about pretty much […]

Its Pointless Buying A Samsung Galaxy S4 If You Own An S3!

Samsung have said the new S4 updates will come to the S3. Therefore if you own an S3 why would you get an S4. This could be a real blow to Samsung as they are also moving away from android software and come august releasing a “Top end Smartphone” running Tizen.


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