Blackberry Playbook wont turn on?

“My Blackbeery playbook wblackberryont turn on… it only shows the red light for charging for around 10 seconds then goes blank”

Here’s a suggestion which should work.

you playbook battery is ‘dead out’ which means it no longer has enough energy to even swich the l.e.d light on.When the red light shows for 10 secs at a time it means your playbook is only charging when that light is on.

Here what to do:
Plug chager in for the duration the l.e.d is on. When it turns off unplug charger for 5 seconds. Repeat this 20-30 times. You will have to be patient but it should work.

How to tell its working:
A picture of a battery with a kind of lightening bolt in side it is your indicator. That image will soon disapear but keep the charger in as the l.e.d should be swiching between colours.

Leave your Playbook for around 30-45 mins before use.

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