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Samsung Galaxy S2, S3, S4 Indicating a message, even though there isn’t one – (Solved)

Is your messaging app indicating a message in your inbox even though you have no unread messages? Well here is the solution (brought to you by Head to settings, then scroll down to find application manager. Scroll to the right until you reach the page All. Locate Badge-provider, click on clear data, if you […]

Area 51 – Biggest Secrets

For those who don’t know, Area 51 is a U.S military base in Nevada, but what makes this base different from all the rest are its secrets. Area 51 is one of the or is the most secretive place on earth. With the whole of history asking questions, i don’t think it will be loosing […]

Blackberry Playbook wont turn on?

“My Blackbeery playbook wont turn on… it only shows the red light for charging for around 10 seconds then goes blank” Here’s a suggestion which should work. Facts: you playbook battery is ‘dead out’ which means it no longer has enough energy to even swich the l.e.d light on.When the red light shows for 10 […]

Can you get Apple App Store applications on an android device?

The answer is no… but it doesnt just end there. But why aren’t they already capable? Well its down to the programing. Apple use a programming language named Object-C. Android use java. Its like trying to communicate with someone and they dont understand a word your saying, it just doeant work. My suggestion is for […]

Top 3 technology blogs to follow Great information not just about technology… general affairs. Also publish a paper magazine with an online subscription. TNW (the next web) Wonderful website and are very conne ted via google +. I recommend you to follow them as the information they share is insightful. The Verge. Loads of reviews and tech news. A little […]


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