Do you live taking photos? Aspiring photographer?  Start uploadimg your images to Melonpix today! Melonpix is a totally anonymous image sharing site. It’s a great way to publish images that you don’t want to attach your identity to. Start a thread and get feedback from other users. Melonpix has been designed so we can once […]

Howdy! Just letting you know i have been working on this cool anonymous site over the last few weeks. We have chosen to name it Melonpix. The entire site has been designed to keep your identity secret, even when you comment on a photo! So get posting, and get commenting today!

Has your Xperia Z1 Z1 compact Z2 or Z3 frozen, and the power button doing nothing? Simply hold down the power button, and the volume up button at the same time until phone vibrates 3 times. Then turn it back on. Why do you have to do this? It because the phones are water proof, […]

Hi guys, just letting you know i will be using my tumblr account more often so dont forget to follow over there. I dont really know how the tumblr scene works but i tend to post all instagram images and wordpress posts!

The Human Race, the most intelligent race to have ever walked the planet ( to our knowledge ) . We have built the world around us, made society, given our selves a meaning. But what is, just what if we are all thats needed for an advanced being to survive? You can get the full […]


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