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Creating a new custom post type on WordPress is one of the more ‘Advanced’ things you can do when building and developing your WordPress site. A little about custom post types WordPress allows you to store all kinds of content, however, in some cases the default ‘Post’ type just doesn’t cut it. For Example: You […]

Howdy guys, today i’m asking for a little feedback. I recently launched a little social network that allows users to post images as them selves or totally anonymously. Users can interact with one another via commenting, which is anonymous too! So i ask if you would care to sign up if you haven’t already, have a […]

So, if you onre who loves taking photos, then Melonpix is the place for you. It’s a social network, where users can start sharing images within 30 seconds of joining the site. Publish photos as yourself or hide your identity. Meet other users and start connecting today! So sign up today at

Music Magpie, the place to sell your cd’s and electronics quickly and for respectable prices along with free courier services. Hassle free right? Well things aren’t so simple. Recently i decided to sell my old Samsung Galaxy S3 with Music Magpie, and they gave me a reasonable price of £73.00 . However, later through the […]


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